History of "The BassMan" and facts on his other fursonas
August 1999: Catch a 10-lb. largemouth bass, the largest caught at Camp Eastman that year. Later that month when school starts any my computer class has me establish a yahoo e-mail account, I form the sceen name of "bassman_sts" (That's still my Yahoo handle but I only use it for Y Messenger and groups nowadays. All the e-mail account does is collect spam) I also begin writing Road Rovers fanfics at this time, which gets my foot into the door of furry fandom at the age of 17 (I am now 29).

September 1999: I download AIM (screen name "BassManSTS," which I still use) and Furcadia (as "BassMan") originally acting like a knock-off of Orgasmo. That character's real name then: "H. Bassworth Manning"

November 1999: When I accidently delete my old "BassMan" account on Furcadia and forget the password, I create "BassMan the II"

December 1999: I form the ORIGINAL Furcadian Championship Wrestling

March 2000: After acquiring Mason2000's Furcadia Wrestling Federation and Gold Lynx's SmackDown Hotel rosters, Furcadian Championship Wrestling becomes the Furcadian Wrestling Federation.

January 2002: For the 1st time in FWF, BassMan the II's real name is revealed: Maynard Von Schnauzer, Jr. He also marries Lilly Chambers on Furcadia

April 2002: BassMan the II and Lilly Chambers divorce (Note: we were only cyber mates, nothing else happened!) No pups resulted from that relationship

January 2008: The last FWF-sanctioned show is held

March 2008: "BassMan the II" is retired as any time past this point I play Furcadia (which is rarely nowadays), I'm known simply as "BassMan." I also become well-known in the fandom during this period simply as "BassMan" Maynard Von Schnauzer, Jr. simply becomes known as Maynard Von Schnauzer as well.

November 2009: I catch an even bigger largemouth bass: a fat 13-pounder in my boss's pond!

Sometime in 2010: I change my main fursona to Maynard Von Schnauzer to Rocco Racclown

November 2013: I work my last carnival: A sandlot in McAllen, TX between the Fun Zone and the Hobby Lobby

July 2015: After 16 years in the fandom, I FINALLY make it to a convention: ANTHROCON in Pittsburgh!

Feb. 2016: I attend and SuperSponsor Fur Squared in Brookfield, WI!

Who is who in my word:
"BassMan" is simply the human behind it all (real name Steve Sandell), though in the FWF, he was the schnauzer behind it all as well.

"Rocco Racclown" is my current main fursona. He was inspired by years of carnival work! Like the last name suggests, he's a raccoon clown. The racc relates to the kind of clown many dunk tank clowns are, because like raccs, they can be michievious at times, but aren't necessarily evil.

"Maynard Von Schnauzer" was my original main fursona from 1999-2010, an anthro-schnauzer who is in his mid-30s, like "BassMan," is a carny by trade nowadays, but in character, is also a former pro wrestler and pro wrestling promoter. He was named after my 2nd dog IRL who died in 2005, sad to say.

"Steve Von Schnauzer" (Triple-S) was my main wrestling fursona in the FWF and is the younger brother of Maynard.

"Jav A. Junkie the Coffee Cat" originated in 1999 as a mascot to link my websites together, but was lost by the end of 2000. He returned on the DTP oekaki board in 2007. He is Maynard's best friend and "sidekick" character if you will. Maynard works games in the carnival while Jav works rides and drives the semis. (God I need to write some stories about these guys!!!)

"Robin Marx" originated in Feb. of 2007 on the DTP oekaki board as "Hi-Striker Vixen" as my response to their "Bizzarro Valentine" theme. In later art, I gave her the name Robin Marx. She and Maynard know and generally get along with each other, but don't get very intimate mainly because Maynard knows where she's been.

"The Furlander" (Roderick MacVulp) had been in my brain since 2007, but it was just a week ago I decided to finally bring him to life in writing and art.

Important announcement!
I interrupt 4 years of hibernation on LiveJournal to let you all know
That is all

Current 2012 Carnival Route
All Bookings are on the "Fair" Unit of Astro Amusements (a division of North American Midway Entertainment)

June 28-July 1
Summer Fun Fest, Oglesby, IL
July 4-8 Petunia Festival, Dixon, IL
July 11-15 Sauk Co. Fair, Baraboo, WI
July 18-22 Waukesha Co. Fair, Waukesha, WI
July 25-29 Debuque Co. Fair, Debuque, IA
July 31-Aug. 5 Wisconsin Valley Fair, Wausau, WI
Aug. 9-19 Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL*
Aug. 24-26 Corn Festival, DeKalb, IL
Aug. 29-Sept. 3rd Buffalo Grove Days, Buffalo Grove, IL
Sep. 7-16 Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS**
Sep. 21-30 East Texas State Fair, Tyler, TX**
Oct. 3-14 Mississippi State Fair, Jackson, MS***
Oct. 19-Nov. 4th Fall Festival, McAllen, TX

*- Co-Booked with NAME's All-Star Amusements division and Tinsley Amusements
**- Co-Booked with NAME's Farrow Shows division
***- Co-Booked with NAME's Farrow Shows and Mid-America Shows divisions

I've been Googled!
This morning as I was about to cross the tracks at Burlington Ave. & Washington St. in Downers Grove, IL, I saw the Google Street View car go by, so I might be seen on Google Street in the near future! Yay!

Writer's Block: A Bright Idea
A REAL time machine! Oh how my future would be so much better if I could alter my past!

Sign that I might be fucked looking for a trucking job (for God knows why)
Last Friday, I sent an application to Schneider, who has some of the lowest hiring standards of any legitimate trucking company out there. Tonight, I got an e-mail from them, officially REJECTING my application. I just hope this doesn't mean that W.W. Transport will reject me too, I gave them my application in person yesterday and I haven't heard from them since!

On the bright side, at least they didn't try to send me to an orientation I can't afford.

Job Update
Today I went to the office of W.W. Transport in West Burlington, IA inquiring on a job with them from suggestion of my dad and a friend of his. Even with my last 5 years of driving experience being carnival loads, they sounded very eager to hire me! This job would mean hauling reefers OTR for 38-45 cents per mile, depending on the trailer weight as it would be bulk potatoes. I'm glad this is no-touch freight too! I am once again on the optimistic side of things and hey, if they turn me down, I have much less to lose as they're based locally! Also today I went and got my D.O.T. physical renewed so there's another base covered!

4 Days Wasted
Since Monday, I had been in Cedar Rapids for orientation with West Side Transport. This morning, they told me that my experience wasn't consistent enough for them to hire me and sent me home! Why did they even send me up there in the 1st place then? I want my 4 days back! Now it'll take me at least a week to try to get another trucking job set up! I can't afford to keep wasting time and money like that without a job!

Writer's Block: Occupied
Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? Why or why not?
Hell no! I'm too busy trying to get a job and make a better living to become one of those hippies!

The Hitchhiker's Prayer
Even though I haven't hitchhiked for 5 years now, I call this prayer the "Hitchhiker's prayer" as it was a prayer I first said when I first hitchhiked 9 years ago. I share this prayer as tomorrow I will be leaving home again to travel for a living and I say this prayer every time I start a carnival season or new traveling job. This prayer, I came up with myself.

Lord, please help me to get where I need to go,
please help me to do whatever I have to do.
Jesus, please continue to guide me,
and Lord, please bless those who help me along my journey.


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